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While parents have the enormous power of creating offspring, so to do we all wield great power through our use of speech.

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We have the power to create worlds and the power to destroy worlds with our words. ” We learned that Sarah and Avraham “created souls in Haran” through their use of speech and by imparting the compelling words of Torah to the pagans of their time.

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In the world of shidduchim, the misuse of words has become an indisputable problem.

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Many people do not realize the severity of even the most casual remarks regarding a potential shidduch and the possibility of “killing it” if we are reckless with our words.

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This week’s Torah reading combines two portions: Tazria and Metzora.

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In Tazria we read about a woman who gives birth and the subsequent bris for a boy.

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Metzora describes the sin and rectification process for gossip, slander and malicious speech, “lashon hara”.