I can assure you, Linden Lab already has your IP address and access to all your SL information already.We, however, do not collect or have access to any of your personal information, so no…

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– If you are upgrading from 4.4.0 or older then it is highly recommended to perform a clean install.

Again, we understand how this is an inconvenience to you all and genuinely apologize for the extra efforts you are having to go through.

Our mission is to improve the user experience, and this hassle is certainly not accomplishing that.

4.4.2 is now available on our downloads as a replacement to 4.4.1. We are engaging a login block on version 4.4.1 because of the reasons listed below and in the previous blog post. Opensim users unfortunately are also affected by this block because we do not yet have the ability to block per grid independently.

As mentioned in the previous blog post below, we mistakenly left some LL debug logging code enabled in the 4.4.1 release which as it turns out is hitting LL’s statistics servers, which are responsible for collecting crash and usage data.

The information being sent to LL is mainly avatar appearance debugging data and usage data.

The appearance information is used by LL to better investigate and determine the causes of avatar appearance update failures during targeted tests.

The “usage” data, however, is the real troublemaker, as it is being sent every 30 seconds now instead of the usual 10 minutes.

This of course becomes a of information that their server cannot keep up with.