Sat on the plane at the gate for nearly 2 hours while the pilot traveled from home to the airport. The flight itself was nearly constant turbulence, the captain never turned off the seatbelt sign. Not sure I'll ever fly with Spirit Airline's again after this trip. Never would have bought that flight if I knew how cheap the airline was.Kayak must have the restrictions in a super small font that the promotion ticket can't allow you to select seat once you purchased the ticket. And you'd think and much as a "cheap flight" it was they would still have decent comfortable seats, and carpet that wasn't being ripped up.

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Offer a good price for the flight Don't like that you have to pay for everything and nothing is said about that through kayak.

Paying $55 for a checked bag is ridiculous and almost as much as the flight. Spirit overbooked our flight, so since my boyfriend and I were the last to check in...(Checked in when got to the airport, in plenty of time before our flight) They informed us that if no one volunteered to take a later flight, we would be unable to board.

This was extremely upsetting considering our tickets were purchased months in advance and we had a rental car set up for when we landed, as well as many plans we had to cancel due to being put on a later flight on behalf of the mistake and overbooking of Spirit airlines.

It didn't help that the employees helping the situation seemed to have no idea what they were doing and couldn't figure out what to do with us. crew was great, comfortable seats, in flight entertainment was great We boarded the plane to learn the pilot wasn't there, or even at the airport.

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