The rules given may be helpful for new roleplayers, but are by no means the only way. Book or Movie This is a plot based either in the same world as a book/movie, having the same characters as the book/movie, or having the same plot, a common example on the forums are "Warrior cat" roleplays.What will be discussed in this guide: Plot: How to create a good plot idea and what to watch out for. In this section I will go over: The three types of plot How to choose a good plot The basic types of worlds How to choose the world How to describe the world Three Plots There are three basic types of RP plots: 1. The world is already set; people know the restrictions of that world without asking. It can be a lot of fun taking something you love and writing about it. If someone hasn't read the book then they aren't likely to join.It leaves you less work to do on setting a scene and often minimises confusion between participants. People might join because they are interested in the series. It's like interactive fan fiction without the criticism. Quick Fix: Try to start with a series that is well known.

Adult chat roleplay idea s-38

The macros are macro annotations which, in essence, generate companion objects for regular classes.

The generated companion objects declare, amongst other members, apply/unapply methods.

I used the sbt-idea plugin to generate a corresponding Intelli J IDEA project, and I use the sbt console from IDEA's sbt-plugin to compile and run my Scala application.

Everything works more or less fine, except that the generated companion objects, and more importantly, their members such as apply/unapply, are not recognised by IDEA.

Thus, I get a squiggly line everywhere I, e.g., an apply method.

My setup is Intelli J IDEA CE 133.471 with the plugins SBT 1.5.1 and Scala 0.28.363 on Windows 7 x64.

How do I get Intelli J IDEA to recognise code (classes, objects, methods, ...) that has been generated by Scala macros (macro annotations, to be precise)?

Are other IDEs, e.g., Eclipse, known to work better in such a setting?

This question (which is less detailed) essentially asks the same, but has not gotten a reply yet (2014-02-26).