X can take him on after defeating Split Mushroom and thus obtaining Soul Body. But, since Zero can't use that ability, he would need the Ryuenjin from Magma Dragoon to fight him here.

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Zero's Rakuhouha is modeled after one of Cyber Peacock's early attack patterns of firing multiple energy beams.

Stage description: A bug has corrupted the network. Enemies in Cyber Peacock's stage, Cyber Space: Cyber Peacock: His potential...

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in Japan, is a digitized peacock-based Maverick in Mega Man X4.

He was originally an AI that protected the network from hackers before he was corrupted by Sigma.

He then begins corrupting the network himself, to draw the Maverick Hunters attention.Like Split Mushroom, Peacock was given the task of testing X and Zero's abilities, putting them through a series of trials and training exercises.During battle he will phase-out and then phase-in to your current location to try and inflict damage.If he isn't immediately attacked properly he will fire multiple lasers or slash by dashing up vertically. Cyber Peacock would later be revived by Sigma-1 to serve as part of his Maverick army in the Worlds Unite crossover event. Cain • Iris • Colonel • General • Signas • Alia • Layer • Pallette Sigma • Vile • X-Hunters • Dr.When his health has been knocked down by half, he will also begin to fire his tail feathers as homing missiles. Following an attack on the Sky Patrol and its crew of Maverick Hunters, Freedom Fighters, and Robot Masters, he joined his fellows in scattering to various worlds to plant Unity Engines. At what time to fight Cyber Peacock depends on if you are X or Zero.