“Meyer and Palin had a relationship and were engaged to be married until May 2015,” the complaint said.

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“Until he marries these girls, I don’t care,” the tough-talking relative added.

“He’s young so that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer is looking to gain joint custody of his child with Bristol Palin, according to his attorney in a complaint filed Wednesday.

Kimberlee Colbo, Meyer’s attorney, filed a complaint in Alaska Superior Court saying that Meyer believes he is the biological father of Palin’s daughter Sailor Grace Palin, according to the Marine Corps Times.

But Junker’s sister, Megan, told Celebuzz: “In my opinion, they’re not dating until she comes home! He’s a big boy.” The sister added: “I will say he’s a good guy.” News of the twist in Bristol’s love life came at an interesting time; on Oct.

” Megan Junker Ferguson said Junker spoke to her about Palin, the 22-year-old daughter of former Alaska Governor and Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin. 28, her ex and the father of her 4-year-old son Tripp, Levi Johnston, married girlfriend Sunny Oglesby in front of 100 family and friends at Settler’s Bay Lodge in Wasilla, Alaska.“I have heard that rumor from his lips,” Megan told Celebuzz. Bristol should not expect a similar fortune, Megan warned.“He [Joey] hasn’t brought someone around since his last girlfriend, who I adored,” Megan said of her brother, who rides for the Slednecks race team and lives in Anchorage, Alaska.Beyond that he’d really appreciate and thank his friends, supports and the news media for respecting the privacy of each family in this very personal matter.” Bristol Palin gave birth to Sailor on Dec. It is the second child out of wedlock for the 25-year-old daughter of 2008 Republic vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin.Bristol Palin has not publicly identified the father of her second child, but announced she was pregnant shortly after her engagement to Meyer ended.Meyer was ecstatic when he learned of the birth tweeting that day: "Best Christmas present ever!!