If I have learned nothing else about hair over the past several years, I have learned that applying chemicals to the hair will usually cause some sort of problems.Many hair experts have told me this repeatedly when I discuss chemical processing. For many, chemical perms applied to stick straight strands appear to offer the answer.Perms are the simple chemical process of changing the natural shape of the hair follicle.

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Although it seems a little unusual to me, I still receive a lot of emails eelated to the topic of hair perms that have gone wrong.

The bad perm victims include women as well as men and covers all hair lengths from super short to very long.

It also related to strands textures from fine to thick, straight to curly.

Yes, people with naturally curly hair succumb to perm challenges, which is a whole other topic.

Anytime you apply a chemical application of any sort to your stands, damage is a given.

Keep in mind that the longer the development time of the perm solution, the tighter the resulting curls.

The shorter the development time, the softer the curl pattern.

A hair perm can be achieved through either a cold or hot chemical process.

A number of factors are involved in making a perm successful or unsuccessful.