After the Carnival Dream, there are lots more Journeys cruises, including voyages to Hawaii and islands such as Bonaire, Grenada, Martinique and other wonderful locations.There will be more for 20 that we will announce soon.These are amazing longer voyages that I am sure so many of you will enjoy.

Although this will not be mandatory, of course, but I expect many will do so.

I will not be the CD for these voyages but intend to be on as many as my schedule allows and next week, I will let you know which ones I will be on.

I was asked to host many of the old 1980s activities including: Why would anyone just…………go for a walk?

They will include us printing “Carnival Capers,” which is what we called the Fun Times back in the days of Wham, Mullets and when I was a young CD and was more of a sex object than CD Matt Mitcham is now…………I wanted sex, everyone objected.

We are really going to have fun on this flashback day. The captain, chief engineers and hotel director will be dressed in white tuxedo uniforms and will stand at the entrance of the main lounge where the cruise director (me on the two Carnival Dream cruises) will introduce guests to them; they will have a photo with the captain and then go into the main lounge.

There they will be given complimentary drinks as we used to make back in the 1980’s and they will dance to the orchestra who will be playing Glen Miller and the sounds of big band.Each guest sailing on our Carnival Journeys will receive an e-mail invitation where we will invite them to wear tuxedos and flowing ball gowns.On October 4, I will board the Carnival Dream to host the first of many Carnival Journeys voyages which are selling very well, I am happy to say.For those of you who are not aware of what “Carnival Journeys” cruises are all about, let me quickly tell you.They are longer-length voyages that will feature special entertainment both local to the ports of call and entertainment designed by Carnival.These cruises will also have lots of features such as interaction with the captain and department heads, local cuisine and, of course, the much anticipated flashback to 1987 day, of which I shall speak more of in a moment.