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Curvy Catch is the ultimate website for thick, curvy, full figured or plus sized women and those seeking to date voluptuous female singles.

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Curvy Catch is the number one Curvy girl dating website.

We are here in Atlanta doing audtions until Monday.

If you are interested…..email me the following ASAP. We are also doing an open call at Lane Bryant at the Perimeter mall Sat 4/4 from 2-6 Thanks NAME AGE HOMETOWN OCCUPATION BRIEF BIO TELL US WHY YOU HAVEN’T FOUND “THE ONE” ***PLEASE SUBMIT AT LEAST TWO NON-PROFESSIONAL PICS TO BE CONSIDERED*** Email to [email protected] am the casting producer for the show.

We are here in Atlanta doing audtions until Monday.

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CURVY is a 10-day platform for boundary-breaking creative women to connect, share and learn with each other.