But ever since Piper staked that demon zombie, Hunter's been studying her.

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Serena Robar spent her school days addicted to reading romances of all kinds.

She would tuck a Romance in her open science book and pretend to be following along with the class when she was really lost in a fantasy world of happily ever after.

Though her knowledge of mitochondria is woefully limited, thanks to various Historical romances, she can boast a vast array of trivia about the pirate trade of the 16th century, American pioneer life and Regency etiquette of the Ton.

Serena lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and three kids.

You can find her on the web at follow her on Twitter @serenarobar.

Sink your fangs into another vampire sorority tale from the author of Braced2Bite and Fangs4Freaks! So Hunter comes to her rescue and tutors her-in a graveyard, of all places.

Piper Prescott understands vampire politics, but ancient languages are a different story.

Piper doesn't mind- who would've thought she'd ever have a boyfriend, not to mention the very perky, blonde founder of a half-blood vampire sorority, Colby Blanchard, as her best friend?

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