This revolving restaurant is an Atlanta favorite and not only provides a beautiful atmosphere on the inside but breath taking views on the outside!

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Read more In Atlanta, A person’s world can revolve around different things: their career, their family, their health, and when they’re fortunate to have one: their love interest.

However when the dynamics change and one of those things are no longer a part of their world, nine times out of ten, a person begins to center their world around something (or someone) else.

Read more Want to make your date feel on top of the world? Well, at least to the top of Atlanta at The Sun Dial Restaurant.

Yes, we ask a million and one questions, but do we ask the right ones? This has been the age old question since the beginning of time.

I truly believe even single cave women were asking where are all the cave men. Go to any mall, salon, nail shop, shoe store, sidewalk and you’ll find at least fifty if that few.

The truth is there is no magical place all the single men of the world congregate where we can take a pilgrimage to and rescue them from their singledom. Single guys on the other hand aren’t that easy to locate.

Sure they go shopping for the occasional fruit of the loom shirt and get the quarterly haircut now and then, but where do they go to just…BE?

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I don’t know if it’s our friendly, southern disposition that compels us to try and acquire someone’s life story upon initial meeting or what.

But we’ll meet a complete stranger and by the end of the day, you’d swear we were BFF’s (or at least distant cousins) because we’ve accumulated so much information about one another.

If we meet someone we’re interested in, multiply this by two!