Getting to know someone who’s from a different cultural background to your own can be exciting – you might get to find out about different customs, foods, family responsibilities and ways of seeing the world.But there might be a few added complications in getting to know them.

Dating rules different cultures video

Older people might have to give their approval for the couple to get together in a relationship.

They may have to get to know each other in the company of older people, or even wait for their marriage to be arranged by their family.

Negotiations might be complicated by dowry arrangements between families, and religious ceremonies.

All this can be cool and exciting if it’s what you’ve grown up to expect.

But of course there can be difficulties and disappointments too.

You can’t expect or want your boyfriend or girlfriend to change and become like you – meet in the middle instead. There’s different groups within cultures, with different Image from Flickr by fredcamino We like sharing!This text is copyrighted under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license, unless stated otherwise. worried tell-someone suicide story Stories STI snooping shame sexual-touching self-harm self-esteem scary-ex safety rejection Quiz questions online-stalking online-safety love leave jealousy hookups friend first-time-sex family drinking Dear Diary cross-cultural-dating crazy-love counsellor control can-i-change campaign bi bebo Where did the comments go?The problem with stereotyping people is that we don’t fully get to know each other as individuals. Maybe you’ve heard of stereotypes like these: Asians, Greeks, Whites, Lebanese, Aborigines, Arabs, Sudanese…(and so on) Stereotypes can also apply to other groups of people, like a school or a suburb, eg “Girls from this school are ….” Do you have any stereotypes?Do they affect the way you act towards certain people?In some communities, people might have to be introduced to each other by their families or community elders.