Just remember when you meet a girl for a hookup to take protection, as the girls on these sites are smart enough to stop you in the heat of the moment otherwise (trust me, I learned the HARD way) !

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Honestly this is just a site just doesn't work period.

You can be an attractive man/woman and still not get any type of responses or responses that are just not wanted.

I have had some men that I am attracted to message me but it doesn't get anywhere at all.

This is just a site where you can just look at profiles and fave if you want to and that's about it.

I met him in person he was very aloof and definitely a mind game player I think he has an issue with money ? What bothered me the most was he sent pics of his daughter or someone's child to show me he is a decent guy .. He got his free groping and kissing on and of course never called back.

Beware single ladies predators exist on here this is the second horrific date on here ; to me It was a mind rape screen name 415_kiss he may change his name depending on his mood.

I went to the clinic to make sure I didn't contract anything from Kissing him because to me I am not special he must do this to countless others .

Pof is only partly to blame for the bs the other is the dumb people that are on the site that are full of sh*t.

You will get messages from people that you are not even attracted to. Ive had some luck on Plentyof Fish, met a girl just last week and things got pretty hot (we didnt screw but that was my fault) and also had some pretty filthy chats with a couple of other girls.

You can have your preference in what you are looking for in BOLD letters and still get messages from those who don't fit your description at all. I do get annoyed by all the emails though and it would be better if I only got an email from them when a girl had actually replied to one of my messages.

Word of advice and I will be taking this advice as well. I know most sites do this, ive tried We Just Fit recently too (recommend by the way), but just feel this site does it more than the rest. Im also thinking that the monthly cost is a bit much for what you get, there are better deals out there. So if you dont mind spending ages deleting emails and paying through the nose, its worth checking it out.