These slightly radioactive elements such as thorium or rare earth elements such as lanthanum were used to produce desired highly refractive glasses.Other uses for rare earth elements in photography include color enhancing filters. Ross' Romancing the Rare Earths for a history of enhancing filters and the use of various rare earth elements therein.

definition of radioactive dating in chemistry-67

The resulting "daughter" products of that radioactive decay series also produce both alpha and beta particles.

Related rare earth such as lanthanum are often produced from the same sources, with monazite being up to 25% lanthanum.

This decay process means these thoriated glass lenses can gradually become more radioactive over time, as the more highly radioactive decay products build up in the glass. You would expect the radioactivity to decrease over time.

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Net on Radioactive Lenses (gamma levels..) Radioactive Fed-5s (slight..) Radioactive Optics Posting (WJM) Radioactive Pentax Lens (GM tube sound file..) Romancing the Rare Earths On Enhancing Filters by Howard Ross U. Govt Surplus "Hot" Cameras and Lenses You will find two kinds of radioactive lenses - those that were contaminated and sold as government surplus, and those that are naturally "hot" or radioactive due to the radioactive elements or radioactive impurities used in their manufacture. I am assuming that heavily contaminated and radioactive government surplus items end up in government low level radioactive waste land-fills or other burial sites.

If you want to buy some slightly radioactive lenses and cameras, the U. So if your government surplus bargain camera or lens is contaminated, it is probably only "lightly" contaminated. "Hot" Lenses made from Radioactive Materials Many specialty optical glasses have radioactive elements added to them, either as desired components or as impurities in the mixtures being used.