A source said: “Kate and Lance have been dating for a couple of weeks.She thought it was funny when people were writing recently that she was engaged to Owen because the reality was that they had split again and she was secretly seeing Lance.

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“When Kate was with Owen, she got to know Lance really well but they hooked up again recently at a dinner party thrown by a mutual friend and that’s when the romance began.

They have both been keeping it very quiet.” [From the Daily Mail] By all accounts Wilson and Hudson’s second split was not a friendly one at all.

Supposedly there was a lot of shouting, and they are no longer on speaking terms.

It seems like dating Lance Armstrong is a rite of passage for Owen Wilson’s ex-girlfriends.

Kate Hudson is now dating Owen’s good friend Lance…

just like Wilson’s other ex-girlfriend Sheryl Crow.

Apparently the pair have been dating for about three weeks – nearly immediately after Hudson and Wilson’s split. Let’s hope these two are such good friends that they don’t mind when one dates the other’s exes. Now glamorous blonde actress Kate Hudson has embarked on a passionate affair with seven-times Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong.

The news will be wearily familiar for film star Owen Wilson, Miss Hudson’s ex-boyfriend.

He had previously had a three-year romance with singer Sheryl Crow – only to see Armstrong move in after they split and get engaged to the pop star.