Those orangey American tan tights are seen as something our mothers used to wear.

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Marks & Spencer, too, saw sales of sheers soar by more than a third compared to 2010.

The best-selling sheer tights at M&S this year have been the 10 Denier Ladder Resist Tight in Natural Tan, selling nearly 40 pairs an hour.

Since the mid-Nineties, sheer hosiery has been abandoned by women, worn only if the office dress code demands it.

I haven’t worn a pair of tights for 20 years because I think they look unstylish.

9/10These don’t have a foot shape, so I can’t tell if I have them on back to front.

The dark ‘pant’ part is a bit ugly, but the legs have a nice sheen.

This is the best colour for me so far: the key is to choose something slightly darker than your skin tone.

These sheer tights are completely matte, which I find perfect for day. However, they do come in eight shades of nude, which is commendable. As someone used to bare legs, anything above an 8 is too artificial looking. Although the sight of tights over knickers is hugely unsexy.

The fit is great (I hate the crotch near my knees), but the 10 denier failed to cover my cellulite. Fogal has the best range of colours of all the brands, with every skin tone under the sun, and rainbow colours, too. These are matte, but not sheer enough: it is far too obvious I am wearing tights. 6/10Sales of Jasper sheer tights were up 95 per cent over the spring/summer period versus the same time last year.

The non-slip sole is excellent, especially in high heels, although I find the lack of toe (designed so you can wear them with open-toed shoes) a bit creepy, as your feet are a different colour from your legs. These tights keep you cool in warmer weather and over-heated offices: they are made using a Japanese yarn, which releases a cooling sensation as you wear them.

These are my favourites: it is bare legs, but better, like moisturised skin.