“At the risk of being tagged a killjoy by our gym buffs, bikers and sports enthusiasts, I have now come to a conclusion that there is a newcomer on the list of suspected killer substances that goes by the brand name off Wari Activ,” he said in a privilege speech.

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“It is likewise billed as laughing gas, and Internet news reveals deaths in its misuse in other parts of the world,” he said.

“This could well be one of the drugs or substances used by some of the victims in the concert,” the senator added.

At least five people died during the concert allegedly due to party drug overdose.

READ: 5 dead at Pasay City concert Sotto noted that the “rave phenomenon” among the youth now has become an “enabler and facilitator” of the illegal drugs trade, use and abuse. We don’t mean to curtail their fun, we just want them to stay alive after the party’s over,” he said.

Tippetts mustered a vulnerability and beauty in the deep, kind love she lavished on friends and family through her last days, a capacity deepened rather than dampened by cancer’s unwelcome intrusion into her life.

John "Jack" Willke, founder of the National Right to Life Committee Diana Garland, founding dean of the Baylor University School of Social Work Macel Falwell, widow of Jerry Falwell Sr.

A muscle pain killer called “Wari Activ,” which is also billed as a “laughing gas,” could be one of the drugs used by some of the victims who collapsed and died of heart attack during the May 21 Close Up Forever Summer concert in Pasay City, Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto III said on Tuesday.

Sotto said Wari Activ could be bought over-the-counter and even via Internet for P750 up to P1,500.

Marijuana and mind-altering substances, he said, are openly peddled and presumed. “If we don’t act immediately, we might be facing a drug problem with catastrophic proportions.

Even if we remove all the pushers, we will be defeated if we do not embark on a serious nationwide rehabilitation program and a massive prevention program nationwide,” he further said.

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