Since then everything has got really busy for me...

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Me: Did you read that book I got for you about the Easterlin paradox?

Ariel: But they’re the only kind of blendamarol that can mix up my whozits and whatzits!

The deadline for my book is next month and I haven’t even started writing it.

Me: I was really just hoping to talk through some of the plot with you. You just need to think of a part of your body that you don’t need that much, like one of your arms or an eye—or maybe the sorceress will have her own suggestion—and then you trade it in for a finished manuscript. Ariel: Oh, silly, it’s only terrifying if you don’t get the book published within three days. Ariel: Well, then, I don’t know how else to help you.

Ariel: What if you trade a part of your body for a manuscript? Ariel: I mean, we find an evil sorceress and we ask her to accept one of your body parts in exchange for a finished manuscript! Ariel: Then the sorceress will keep your book part of me for the book.

I went to the cleaners, but I forgot what you asked me to pick up.

Ariel: Well, I knew I had to refill your—what was that word again?

The Blu-Ray edition features two discs, including cast and director commentary on the first and a feature-length documentary, musical and visuals breakdown and more!

You can take the film home on Tuesday (January 11).

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I decided to start this blog back in 09 after watching Adventureland, which was when I discovered my love for Jesse Eisenberg!