Speaking in LA, Dylan, 45, said: "I would not be surprised if maybe there was some extras in the DVD release or the directors cut.'When we were shooting it they were probably always aiming for an R (restricted) rating.

'And you could read this book on the bus without anyone knowing, and it fed upon itself - and then everyone had to see what the buzz was about.

'Then of course the movie was a feeding frenzy and this type of hype only comes around once in a while.'I think the studio is really relieved that it has done so well.

And no-one anticipated that it would do so well.' However, American actor Dylan, who starred in Arrow and featured in Dawson's Creek, was not upset to have missed out on the romps.

It cost $40m to make, and has already earned more than $520m in revenue in less than a month.

The two-hour five-minute cinema version has roughly 20 minutes of on-screen sex featuring leading stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, who have both asked for seven-figure salary increases to do the sequel.

However, director Sam Taylor Johnson shot at least 10 minutes more of raunchy lovemaking and S&M scenes, which will appear on a Director's Cut.

The news, sure to have fans clambering to buy the DVD following the huge box office success, was revealed to Daily Mail Online by movie actor Dylan Neal.

Dylan, who plays Anastasia Steele's step dad, confirmed extra scenes were shot and would be woven into the release, tentatively lined up for June.

The DVD, home rental figures and future TV rights will swell that figure to a billion dollars.

Punters saw seven total sex scenes, with three being in Christian Grey's Red Room.

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