The result is a kid-friendly, easy-to-produce show, suitable for young performers.The downside: all of the trimming and revising can remove some of the heartfelt elements of the musical. Film Adaptations The storyline has been through many renovations since Roald Dahl first created his hilarious and enchanting novel, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.In 1971, the book was adapted into a popular musical film, starring Gene Wilder as the incomparable candy-making genius, Willy Wonka.

However, he also threw in a lot of his own idiosyncratic material.

Ultimately, the remake is quirky and visually hypnotic, but not as satisfying as the 1971 classic.

Wilder’s manic performance exceeds Johnny Depp’s quietly eerie Wonka by miles.

But enough about the movies, how does the Broadway Jr. The Children's Play The stage adaptation draws most of its material from the original film. Charlie and his poverty stricken family comprise the first half of this 70 minute play.

is published by Broadway Jr., a company with a very clever idea.

They offer condensed and “cleaned up” versions of popular musicals such as Into the Woods and Guys and Dolls.

Some of the “extraneous” production numbers are cut, and the dialogue is substantially trimmed.

The average show’s running time is under 80 minutes.

Willy Wonka’s tour with the bratty kids and their ill-mannered parents takes up the remaining half.