"I have never seen a more beautiful house in my whole life," said Frankie Thurber, who was a close friend and co-worker. It's where a princess would live."And Linda thought she had met her prince when she started dating Paul Curry in 1989. Mike Flower was Curry's boss."Paul had a sterling reputation. "The only real complaint most people had with Paul was that he was too smart.""But when people would say he's too smart, was that because he's arrogant too or just because he showed everybody else up?

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And -- and she would sit back and allow it because, again, she liked showing his intelligence off."Linda had some reservations about Curry, but the two got married on Sept. Asked if it was a passionate relationship, Seabold told Moriarty, "I don't think passion played into this relationship. Give it to your sister.'"But Linda, who had been married just half a year at that point in 1993, was torn.

So she asked Frankie Thurber, who was then looking for an apartment, to temporarily move into the Curry house and spy on Paul."..was afraid that Paul didn't really love her and she said, 'Frankie, would you do me a favor? I don't know why you would be questioning that,'" she said.

Would you watch Paul and see if you think he's genuine with me that he really cares about me? "And that's when I started watching every move that he made, basically.'" Thurber didn't see anything wrong; in fact, quite the opposite. Even Merry Seabold, never a big fan of Curry, was impressed by the way he pampered Linda.

"And I went back to her and I said, 'Linda, I, I watched everything, I, I don't see it. "He would prepare these exotic, wonderful new salad dressings as a test and then send her upstairs for a hot bath," she said."Every night he would draw her a bubble bath. I said, 'Linda, I would kill to have somebody draw me a bubble bath. In July of 1993, just short of her first wedding anniversary, Linda came down with a mysterious illness."She said, 'I just don't feel well. "And she couldn't figure out why all of a sudden she'd get sick."Linda became so violently ill that she needed to be hospitalized."When I saw Linda in that bed, honest to god, she looked like an 80-year-old woman," Seabold said. they said they didn't even know if she's gonna make it that night."It was July 1993 when Linda Curry was rushed to Samaritan Medical Center in San Clemente.

To this day, friends like Merry Seabold and Bill Sandretto can't understand why Linda Curry never left her husband, Paul."She's not gonna make it if she stays with him," Merry Seabold told "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty. But that didn't bother Linda."He thought highly of himself, there was no doubt about it," Seabold said. Lies and suspicious behavior, like a $1 million life insurance policy Curry asked Linda to buy making him the beneficiary."They had been married maybe a month and she called me one night and says, 'You know Merry, Paul wants to take out a million-dollar life insurance policy on me, what do you think? Red flag."Linda never got that extra policy, but it hardly mattered because, as Curry knew, Linda already had several life insurance policies worth almost a million dollars and Curry was named the beneficiary on some of them. You need to change your life policy right away,'" Sardetto warned Linda.

Just get out of that house.'""I said, 'You got to get away from him. "Up to the moment she died, that few minutes before midnight on June 9, 1994, in her mind ...'He's the loving husband who's holding my hand who loves me, who plays music for me-- who tells me all the nice stuff.' ..she wasn't going to believe anything about him."Merry Seabold was one of Linda's closest friends. " in the 1980s, and being a member of Mensa, the international society of people with high IQs. The reason soon became clear: Curry was helping to support two ex-wives and three children -- families he'd kept hidden from Linda."It was just those little lies that just kept coming up," said Seabold. and she's got a beautiful house, beautiful furniture, beautiful clothes, wonderful circle of friends," Seabold continued. And now he wants a life insurance policy on her for a million dollars? She died because she loved him," Baytieh told Moriarty. Seabold and Linda met in the 1960s, when they both worked at Southern California Edison inside the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant."It was instant bonding," Seabold said of their friendship. She loved to eat, I loved to eat and we could eat in those days.""What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Linda? Curry bragged about winning thousands on "Jeopardy! " Moriarty asked Sandretto."She told me," he replied. Paul and Linda had combined annual salaries of at least 0,000, but Linda noticed she had less money than ever. '" "He comes into this marriage with practically nothing ... Orange County Prosecutor Ebrahim Baytieh is taking on a case that's been unsolved for nearly two decades, but he believes he'll be the one to prove Paul Curry poisoned Linda with nicotine."There's no doubt in my mind that she loved him. "Always nice new outfits with shoes to match, purse to match, earrings to match, bracelets to match." The two career women started at entry-level positions but quickly moved up."We were go-getters," said Seabold, "and we wanted to get ahead."As Linda advanced in her career, moving from secretary to management, she divorced two husbands and began dating Bill Sandretto, a life insurance salesman."She had a great, personality," Sandretto told Moriarty. " Moriarty asked."He let people know, but in a playful way," said Flower."I thought that he was very egotistical," said Thurber. "It was the idea that, 'I am with somebody who is so brilliant.'"Linda also wondered why her much younger new husband seemed so "uninterested.""How did you know that they weren't having any sex?"Linda Curry came in with gastrointestinal problems," Registered Nurse Sherry Bundy said. I checked her IV."Bundy says the IV drip was for hydration."I was assigned to take care of her that evening ... While checking it, she noticed something odd."There was an overhead light ...and I could see the IV bag was cloudy because of the light shining behind it which I knew was not right," she said."How unusual is that?