You message one or two of them but you get no replies. There have been a few studies done about online dating and some of the most important ones are about profile pictures.For example, did you know that the most popular picture for women is the 'My Space shot' which is a shot taken from above and down?

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The reason guys like us put up with this kind of abuse is that we’ve been conditioned that if we want to have sex with a woman, we’re going to have to pay up and shower her with praise and gifts. Today we have things like Facebook and more importantly dating websites that let us meet girls for sex and not have to worry about relationships.

If you hit up the right websites you can expect that the women you’re messaging will be expecting you to message them as a restless guy looking for one thing – and most of the time they are looking for the exact same thing themselves!

But don’t just go in bareback and hope you’ll be okay (in more than one way)!

In closing I just want to remind everyone that there’s someone out there for all of us no matter what we’re looking for.

Whether it is a one night stand or a one lifetime commitment don’t be afraid to take a look at what the internet has the offer and experience the many ways that it can make landing women easier.

So you're sitting at home on a Friday afternoon thinking of what to do that night.You decide to check out some dating sites and see if you can meet girls for sex on there.In order for online dating to work and in order to actually meet girls for sex you’re going to want to play things a little differently than you would on a normal dating site like match or e Harmony.These girls aren’t so much into your personality or what your hobbies are, they’re more interested in what you look like and what kind of things you want to do with them.A lot of the time these girls (when I say these girls I mean the ones that sign up for sites like this) are starved for sex and they just need attention from a guy – and any guy will work. If you are a talker and can charm a woman then you might be better off with the sex starved ones since they will let you into their inner world without worrying much about what you look like.Some other times you’ll run into women who frequent the site and meet many lovers from it and these are the girls who are going to be more superficial and care about the kind of car you drive and the amount of weight you lift at the gym. On the other hand if you have the advantage of a nice body and you’re a fit person then you’re going to have tons of fun with the girls who are looking for that kind of thing.