I see the NB is still being spammed by the Chinese mining company.I risked taking a look at the web-site, and I find that their product is good for use as flux in making iron products.I thought about ordering a few hundred tons, but then I reconsidered.

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There are places where something as basic as legs which must be kept under wraps at all costs for fear of immodesty. Teekay Women are more known for their melons than men, and yes, I'll admit, more than once I have thought, "nice casabas," when looking womanward.

People *are* often melon-headed, however, so I think the anlogy fits.

Mark GARIESS: I did not say I disliked the analogy of the watermelon, merely that I disagreed with it. But you're right, I guess some may consider me argumentative, funny, my hubby tells me I am all the time, I however disagree, I perfer to call it conversive.

As far as jobs, have you checked your local schools. Casabas have nothing whatsoever to do with sex, it is only our culture that has made it so.

Sorry to hear that you are having a tough time right now. MARK: It's interesting how humans perceive parts of the body depending on their culture.

Many take substitute teachers and you need only a high school education. For instance, in Africa or thereabouts casabas would be no more sexual than, say elbows.There are many drawbacks to this.being used as a dartboard by the kids, diseases you seem to catch and keep forever, plus the need for a babysitter.it pays on average about 60.00 a day. Plus the kids are nice and the ability to take on the job when you can and drop it when you can't is a plus. Then there are places where it's extremely sexy to see how far you can get your bottom lip to stretch by way of inserting a plate between lip and gums.Now, coming from 2 sources, both being male, that could mean one of two things.1: I am argumentative and am unaware of it or 2: It's a male thing and some men feel challenged if I question their theories.There may be more, but those are the 2 that come to mind.But, take heart, you're right on one count - I am cute (even if only on the inside) :-D And kind. And I'm not listing the bad points, they are well able to speak for themselves :-D (and deliberately argumentaive is not amongst them) And I think you're cute too :-) Teekay One more thing.