With work taking over her life Jane had missed out on meeting that special someone.

I had been speed dating a few times, met a couple of women, neither had worked out, but it was a fun experience.

The events I had been on in London were well organised and the women were all professional and pleasant people.

I then went to a smaller event and things were very different. I was in my mid-thirties and it wasn't long before I realised I was the youngest there by quite a few years.

If I had wanted a friendly aunt, I would have been fine.

Not only did everyone jump on board, but even suggested friends who could fill the gaps.

With a script and cast in place I now needed a crew.

I had already decided to shoot this on High Definition, but needed guidance from an experienced Do P.

Instead I went home that evening having not ticked a single woman.

I realised that there was a wealth of characters to draw upon and decided to go to a few more evenings in search, not of a partner, but of inspiration.

It turned out to be rather successful, as I not only came away with various ideas, but a date. I then had the task of finding the fifteen featured actors and half a dozen extras I needed.

I started by asking actors I knew and I am pleased to say everyone I asked said yes.