Knowing Williams had already shown promise with his singing and acting abilities, she managed to get him an audition at one of the many being held throughout Manchester.It seemed his rebellious nature at school did him no harm in the end, as his audition was a grand success, so beginning his uphill journey to fame.

For five straight years, the success of Take That was undisputed, topping the charts time after time and touring the world to sold out stadium gigs.

But in 1995, Williams decided enough was enough and announced his departure from the band in his bid to go solo as a singer.

Take That's image had always adhered to the typical boy band persona of clean cut living, in keeping with the average age of its fan base, but as soon as Williams left the band he hit the headlines for his outlandish behaviour.

Clearly ecstatic to be rid of his managed personality and teen idol status, he was soon photographed partying at the ’95 Glastonbury with Oasis, a band so far from Take That's musical sound and reputation that it was obvious Williams was sending a silent smug message regarding his past five years in the band.

Robert Peter Maximillian Williams was born on 13 February 1974 in Stoke-on-Trent.

At the age of three, Williams' parents divorced and he went to live with his mother and sister.

At school Williams became labelled as mischievous and subsequently his jester nature left him with no GCSEs.

With few options left he took a job as a salesman but fate intervened; his mum Jan noticed an article in the local newspaper for a boy band audition.

He soon changed his own image, wearing grungy clothes, growing a beard and piling on the pounds to gain a significant beer gut: it seemed as though he was intentionally distancing himself from the band that had made him a star.

Williams' intention had always been to go it alone though and in 1996 his solo singing career began with a cover of George Michael's ‘Freedom’, reaching number two in the UK singles chart.

Recording for his first album began in March 1996 and meeting songwriter and producer Guy Chambers would be the assurance of success, leading to the pair's long-term collaboration.