He feels that helped sculpt his own creative expression through the arts.

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Music man and entertainer Ro Shon Fegan began his claim to fame here in Los Angeles at the age of 18 months.

His first creative moments of his career was actually a national soda commercial where he collaborated with the musical classic group Boyz II Men.

And his momentum for the creative industry took off from there.

Ro Shon is heavily inspired by old school music like Jazz, Soul and R&B.

Music is definitely an extreme passion of his, something that he makes time for no matter what.

He is presently in the works of making music that will connect him to his many friends and fans to define the essence of his current power-housed mindset.Ro Shon's music is energetic and passionate."It's like a cross of electronic, pop, soulful jazz and urban contemporary.His triple threat paint brushes if you will are his skills, acting, dancing, and music."Im an artist and the entertainment business is my canvas.-- i just love it when people enjoy my art that is created for them to share the love".The career history of his art comes in all shades but a few highlights entail, Shake it Up, Dancing with the Stars, and a budding music career which includes songwriting, singing and producing his own songs.He is humbled with his gift and is a great all around entertainer that creates what he feels.