Here's our best online dating advice, brought to you by the most-used profile cliches. What it really means: I’m not sarcastic at all; I only think I am.The reasoning: Much like people who claim to be laid back and easy-going, anyone who has to point out what type of sense of humor he has, doesn't have one.

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In the world of dating, and especially online dating, it can be hard to separate the ones you’ll click with from the ones with personalities that resemble un-buttered toast.

It doesn’t help that for some reason, listing interests in a text box often causes people to resort to clichés and platitudes that reveal nothing about their true selves.

If you’re inclined to message someone who astonishingly shares your “sarcastic sense of humor” and love for “exploring,” beware.

Those seemingly innocuous statements may actually indicate that he’s a complete dullard.

Who doesn't want to be around someone who likes to laugh and have fun and who is easy going?

Who doesn't think of themselves as at least moderately intelligent? I am also indistinguishable from just about everyone else on this site and I am trying to strike a desirable balance between mainstream and hipster.

If I ever find a profile that says, "I'm looking for a boring, unintelligent person who is down to be miserable and cry with me for extended periods of time," I will ask that person to marry me because I will have finally found someone who is actually sarcastic. The reasoning: According to Ok Cupid's data, 30 Rock is the most popular show for singles on the site.

Either practically every eligible bachelor and bachelorette are watching 30 Rock week in and week out, creating some sort of collective, virtual laugh track, or something more cynical is at work here. Sure 30 Rock is a good show, but it’s also one of the shows you can proudly claim as one you watch, while also conveniently leaving out that you have The Bachelor Pad set to high priority on your DVR.

It's quirky without being too weird (it is on primetime after all), and smart without being too pretentious. If 30 Rock had its own profile, it'd be getting laid on the regular.

He writes: I'm not good at writing about myself What it really means: I want you to think I haven't spent too much time on this profile.

I'm going for a sexy stream-of conscious The reasoning: The truth is no one's good at writing about themselves.