Any crook may require your money to get to the place of your meeting.A swindler can send you a lot of messages, you can exchange them for several days or even talk with a deceiver by phone before he will come into your confidence and you decide to meet.So, if someone cheats he just can’t afford a long persuasion.

The fact is that he’ll surely ask you for money to pay him the fare.

Be careful sending him some money because you’ll never more hear of him or you can get some justification in order to postpone the trip and urgently to send more money.

Any scam has his own sad history of bad luck and he will surely ask you to help him.

A scam often reports that he or his parents and even children are ill.

He can say that he has stuck in a distant country (e. Russia, Nigeria) urgently requiring financial help. You can be sorrowfully reported that his money with credit cards and other documents have been lost, stolen: “I was arrested.

My lawyer needs rewarding and only then I’ll get leaving from here. In addition, speculators report they received an injury and are under treatment now but cannot get quality treatment because they have no money.These people master the art of deception very perfectly. Most of the Dating sites are full of them also and many of them even don’t try to shuffle scammers off. Simply swindlers often look very respectable – they use attractive profiles, high-quality pictures that very impressed many visitors.Our policy is quite different – we specially take measures to shuffle off the malicious scams.Several dozens of suspicious profiles are removed by us every day and yet deceivers take some tricks penetrating through our protective screens.But everything is not so bad – you can help us yourselves in the fight against cheating to make it easier for us to find and delete them.