If you’re going for an owambe at least try buy inside the asoebi and give it to a correct tailor. Complete your look by visiting or inviting a professional make up artiste to beat your face and tie your gele-the kind of gele that will command respect and attention.You want to look like you sponsored the owambe by the time your MUA finishes with you. Arrive early and enter an owambe in a group or as a couple, me I can’t go alone and no one really pays attention when you enter alone.

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Ensure you’re one of the first or one of the last-work your way to an angle where the camera will focus on you and don’t forget to signal the band say time don reach.

Develop a unique spray style i.e you can choose to spray the notes single, single, or if you’re BIG lol, stone your host with bundles of notes.

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As soon as you enter the venue, with your eyes, scan quickly where the important people are sitting, you will know. At this point you may have to tip an usher to fix you up with a good sitting spot.

Where you sit will make a difference whether the ogufe will finish before it reaches you or if AC go circulate reach your corner and if you will generally enjoy the event.

Money makes the world go round and at a Nigerian party tipping the ushers can make a major difference in your experience. Write your name on a piece of paper and give it to the band assistant (they always have one) so that they can just be singing your praises as you do the next step.

Tip the official photographers and collect their business cards –this will make them focus on you a lot especially as they believe you will be a potential customer. Pre-determine from your house if you want to spray money so you have enough time to convert higher currencies to small currencies or foreign currencies.

igerian’s throw the most extravagant, fun parties ever!

Argue with me in the comments section if you don’t agree-no party like a Lagos party. So why do I want to be relevant at another person’s owambe you ask?

Well it is just for the reason that I do not want to be a spectator/observer, sitting in the corner tweeting about how much fun I’m having when I’m not., I want to be an active enjoyer of the occasion.

So let me tell you 5 things you can do to be relevant at an Owambe: I use this punchline when I want to describe how good and ghen-ghencious someone is dressed.