I felt comfortable with him, the conversation was good and we had some significant things in common. I was seriously starting to doubt the existence of this mythical creature but this particular guy was changing my mind.

(I’m still happy, I just was thrown off course for a bit.

I will never let a man threaten my happiness again! I had never thought about what would happen if I ran into someone I had gone out with.

Most of the guys I went out with lived a county over or ran in completely different circles.

A few months back I had gone out with a nice guy a couple of times.

So if you have been reading my blogs you know that I had been on a bit of a dating spree. I have decided that I need to be on my own for now.

Part of the reason for my hiatus is that I have found that men are unreliable and will not say what they actually mean.

I have a data-driven theory that all men are sociopaths who get their rocks off by messing with women’s heads.

Anyway, I have been single and happy until today when I had an awkward moment at the local pool.

I was wearing my black Michael Kors bikini adorned with gold metal.

I’m probably not skinny enough to really pull it off but I’ve decided that my over all ‘awesomeness’ trumps BMI and I wear it anyway.

We had been there for a while when I noticed a familiar guy.