They can reveal your likes and dislikes, your mood and when you are receptive to another person's attention.Flirting with your eyes is a special way to let others know that you are interested in them.You can open the lines of communication without saying a word.

The world is full of interesting people, You only need to look around.

Whether you are at the store, a party or a community event, you can find one person who stands out. It only takes two to three seconds of eye contact to establish a connection with someone.

Glance away after you have caught his gaze to avoid intimidating him.

If he holds your gaze for about the same amount of time, he is probably interested. Once you are sure she is interested in you, casually make your way towards her.

Make direct eye contact, smile and say, "Hello." Look around occasionally as you make conversation.

Make sure your flirtatious eyes are not staring her down. This shows that your are engaged in the conversation. When you are ready to escape the crowds, allow your eyes to drift toward the nearest exit.Avoid sweeping glances over her body, as she may not appreciate being ogled. If this makes you feel uncomfortable, try looking at his face or above his shoulder occasionally. She may suggest the idea before you do, if your eyes convey the message.If you want to draw his attention back to your outfit, look down at your dress and then back up at him.He will likely follow suit, and make a comment about how attractive you look. If you and your target are not enjoying the process, then your efforts will have been in vain.Come up with creative uses of your eyes to spice up your flirting.Let the flirting happen naturally, and you will have a great time meeting new people.