I feel like theres some underlying power stuff in there that I dont relate to.I love pleasuring my girl, but I dont feel comfortable with that for some reason. Im open to anything, but without having tried it, the thought makes me uncomfortable.It's a nice change every once in a while, but the more we are together the more I like just the connection without toys. But on the other hand there are positions that can be fun and also frees up the hands and lips for kissing and holding.

i love freedom in yes i do love the power of giving and of giving the power to her..n take. Unlike most lesbians (or ladies in general for that matter), I really enjoy penetration, almost more than oral if she has the proper technique My ex-gf actually suggested trying it out on me one time (and she brought it up in the hottest way ever), but we broke up before it ended up happening.

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There is something about the pressure hitting just right that makes it so we can get off together that way. It's kind of a hastle and you have to plan and dress for the occasion and pay attention to what you are doing, but every once in a while it's nice to go for it.

i've never tried, but it seems kind of harsh, and i'd be too scared that i can hurt her, since it something that you don'k actually she'd like to try it on me, i'd go for it, but don't think it would become my fave...

yes and both...giving and receiving : ) its not the only way and i'm thankful there isn't a law on how two women can make love fuck.

i would have a hard time doing just one way over and over again.

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