For example, new Enterprise Flexible (e Flex) site license agreements, and VPA (Volume Purchase Addendum) contracts will have an associated VAN.Orders placed against these contracts will require a VAN. Most legacy paper Symantec contracts used for IM solution orders will be migrated (transferred or duplicated) for post-separation use with Veritas.Orders placed in the new transactional programs (Corporate, Academic, Government) will NOT generate agreement numbers. What about legacy Symantec Agreement Numbers (SANs)? For those, the legacy Symantec Agreement Number (SAN) will continue to apply and be used for validation purposes when Veritas processes orders.

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Why is Symantec separating its Information Security and Veritas Information Management businesses? What is the impact of the Carlyle sale on the planned Veritas separation?

For more details about our separation, please review our separation announcement. There is no change to the plan for the Veritas business to operationally separate Oct 5 - the Close of the acquisition is expected to be towards the end of this calendar year.

At that point Veritas will become, as originally planned, an entity legally separated from Symantec, but instead as a privately owned company that is part of the Carlyle group.

If you are interested in the impact on Veritas financials, please note: before operational separation, Veritas is a business unit within Symantec and has no independent financials.

However, IM business unit information is included within Symantec’s published financials.

For example, in Symantec’s most recent 10Q, IM revenue, operating income and margin can be viewed starting on page 20 of the following web address: The Carlyle Group’s acquisition of Veritas is completed (scheduled towards the end of calendar year 2015), Veritas will be a privately-owned company with no public financials. How will the separation of Veritas from Symantec impact my business? As our valued customer, we want to help you plan and prepare for Symantec/Veritas' separation. Volume based discounts are available on select products and are applied at a line by line order by order basis.

Our intent is to enable both businesses to separately focus on growing and evolving, with appropriate accompanying changes and streamlining for the benefit of our customers. Our goal is to enable you with the information you need to seamlessly continue to do business with Veritas. In an effort to simplify the buying experience, Veritas will consolidate the primary customer-facing buying programs into three customer licensing program segments: Corporate, Government and Academic. Veritas will continue to offer customer-facing contractual programs, primarily VPA (Volume Purchase Addendum) and Enterprise Flex (e Flex) site licenses. If I have questions about the Veritas Licensing Programs not answered by the published materials, who can I contact?

The FAQs contained in this document are intended to help explain procedures, policies or processes that will differ when you interact with Veritas, after the operational separation from Symantec (anticipated October 3 2015). Please be familiar with the evolving details of this FAQ, updated Veritas contact information, and the other information available on the Transition Microsite. Please refer to your channel partner, your Account Manager or Symantec Business Support. Will the Veritas Licensing Programs require an agreement number?

We will update this FAQ periodically as we progress. Only new Veritas paper contracts will be issued a Veritas Agreement Number (VAN) at signing.