Thank you so much for your incredible rhythms and for having great, joyful energy! “Philly Bloco shakes the room until your surroundings crumble and fall away and you are aware of nothing but the exquisite pounding of the drums and the robust energy and sound of the entire ensemble! They were professional, courteous, arrived on time, and the music was exceptional. I really loved the Marley and Stevie hits, especially. “Philly Bloco melted my face last night and blew the roof off the North Star Bar!!! “We couldn’t have been more pleased with our Philly Bloco experience.

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“Your shows get better and better every time I see you!

And I think I’ve seen you about 4 or 5 times now since moving to Philly 2 years ago.

Congratulations –your enthusiasm for the music and culture is contagious!!

You take off your shoes and dance barefoot at North Star Bar. You don’t feel the need to drink a single drop of alcohol all night. You have to dance the limbo to avoid getting hit in the head with a slide trombone.

The performers are tight and energetic, with an innate sense of the music that makes you feel as though you just visited Rio! Newtown Elementary School “Four ways you know a band is awesome: 1.

The group brought a rollicking, rhythmic experience to Newtown Elementary School that had every single child, parent, and teacher on their feet.

It artfully preys on your inhibitions until you are consumed only by the pulsating rhythm and a mad desire to move every inch of your body to it! “You guys were pure magic at North Star tonight.” -Tori K. They really knew how to get the crowd going, and even honored a special last second scheduling request I had. Founder, re Bar Brooklyn, NY “A live Philly Bloco performance is not to be missed and never forgotten.

“How are you going to top last night’s performance without bringing in Cirque du Soleil?

Kudos to Angelica – I used to be able to dance like that ;)” -Denise W.

“I was up way past my bedtime last night – Thanks for a GREAT time!

“You guys were so awesome at the Philly Summer Solstice! Keep doing what you do…nothing can top your raw musical energy :-)” -Jacob G.