The final straw that allegedly ruined their relationship was when Jennifer met up with an old boyfriend when she was supposed to be "re-assessing her relationship with Bryan." According to friends of the couple, a few months ago, Jennifer was set to go on a "prayer retreat" with some girlfriends in San Diego.Just before leaving, she heard from an old boyfriend she had dated over 15 years ago.

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Let's hope his classes actually teach him something.

Tags: bryan masche, domestic violence, guilty, jail time, misdemeanor, mugshot, probation, raising sextuplets, violence, wife Thank goodness these children are too young to understand what's going on with their parents! ) New details are arising about the troubled times between Bryan and Jennifer Masche, parents on the hit WE show, .

Well before the violent incident that landed Bryan behind bars, the couple were facing some serious marital issues.

After two years of tabloid headlines for cheating, domestic violence and divorce, Bryan Masche and his ex-wife, Jennifer Masche are seeking professional treatment for their six youngsters.

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Back in 2010, Jenny's cheating ways — and Bryan's violent ways — were the talk of the tabloids. Jenny married Levi Mc Clendon, the man she cheated on her husband with.An insider reveals that: “Jenny and Levi got married in San Diego two weeks ago. Does a new husband for Jenny mean a new reality show for her and her six kiddies? According to Jen's ex-husband, the kids will NEVER be on TV again. Tags: divorce, jennifer masche, married, raising sextuplets, reality, reality show , has been offered a plea agreement in leu of jail time in his domestic violence case.It was a really small wedding with hardly any friends or family there, but San Diego was the place where Jenny and Levi went the first weekend when they started their affair." How… You'll recall a few weeks ago, Bryan lost it with his wife and the cops when they arrived at his home.He was accused of attacking his wife, Jenny, and resisting arrest.A source close to the case reveals that Bryan has been offered a plea agreement, which keeps him out of jail, but forces him to plead guilty to two misdemeanor charges - threatening and intimidating per domestic violence and disorderly conduct per domestic violence.When he enters this plea in court this morning, he will then be required to take parenting classes and get individual counseling, as well as be placed on a 12 month probation.