but seriously--here are the new Music & More FAQs, totally revamped and ready for your perusal whenever you need a question answered!These are by no means totally set in stone, as I will occasionally pop in and keep an eye on things and change anything that needs changed as newer information comes to light or Prince does a new project or whatever - this is very much a 'living' document.A million thanx to those of you who helped me in compiling these answers and such, your help is GREATLY appreciated!!! It is believed that he is 5'2" (157cm) tall, but it's kind of hard to know for sure since he's always wearing those heels! On June 7th, 1993 (his 35th birthday), Prince announced that he would change his name to an unpronounceable symbol.

--Dansa ----- ----- ----- 1.1 What is Prince's real name and date of birth? It seems that he will continue to use the symbol as a logo, however. In both of these instances, this was more than likely for crossover appeal and so he wouldn't be pigeonholed as being mainly a 'black' artist.

Unfortunately, many fans and members of the media have since held on to the 'mixed race' approach and have argued/debated over this continuously due to these discrepancies and portrayals. Prince has been married twice but is currently single.

On February 14th, 1996, Prince married Mayte Garcia.

It was a small, intimate ceremony held in Minneapolis and attended by family and close friends: He subsequently announced in December 1998 that he intended to annul his present marriage and become reunited with Mayte on February 14, 1999 in a manner more compatible with their current beliefs.

As of June 2000, it was believed that their marriage has been legally annulled, and that the two are no longer a couple.

Some time after June 2000, the couple were legally divorced.

Currently, Mayte is single and concentrating on her career after a long relationship with Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe fame, they remain good friends.

She is forging her own path as an actress having already appeared in the succesful TV drama 'Nip/Tuck' as well as winning a role in 'Charlie Wilson's War' (2007) opposite Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

On New Years Eve of 2001, the rumors were that Prince had remarried in Hawaii to a Paisley Park Employee, Manuela Testolini: She is believed to be about 18 years younger than Prince. She is presently founder and president of Gamillah Inc., a socially active corporation that promotes cultural and economic harmony through artistic means; by creating programs, information, products & services, and seeking to support selected non-profit organizations. In October 1996, Prince's first wife, Mayte, gave birth to a baby boy, but he sadly died within a week.

It has been reported that the baby was born with brain damage and died from complications due to Pfeiffer Syndrome, but Prince and Mayte have steadfastly refused to discuss a matter they treat as personal and private.

Mayte was the only parent identified on the birth certificate, which listed the cause of death as "natural causes".