2) Unless YOU decide to transmit your personal information to one of the chat hosts, there is no way for them to have access to your phone number, your real name or address, as all phone communications are anonymized. 4) We will never call you unless a) you refuse to pay your credit card bill and b) we are unable to contact you via email to solve the issue. HOW TO START USING AROUSR© Using AROUSR is simple : 1.3) All communications are private and remain strictly confidential. Register your phone and get your 100 FREE credits 2. You can also install the FREE App if you have an Android Phone and do not wish to use SMS texting.If you are located outside USA, Canada, UK or Australia, you can still enjoy our services using the App.

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You only pay for the credits you decide to purchase.

All you need to do is register your phone number on the system and start chatting, or download and install the free Android App. This is not a subscription service (There is no recurring billing).

AROUSR© IS SAFE 1) AROUSR only puts you in contact with other consenting adults whose age was verified and photo ID is kept on file.

You will not end up texting someone who is underage or unwilling to participate in adult activities. CC (Debit or Credit Cards) or TELEPASS (For credits purchased via your Phone Bill).

Once your 100 FREE credits have been used, you can buy more credits.

Different billing methods are offered depending on which country you are located. Chat Hosts cannot technically send more than 3 messages without an answer from you.

This means they are not able to ‘drain’ your account, should they try to do so.

Please create your account on the web site before downloading the app (You won’t be able to sign up directly from the App).

CHAT SESSIONS All chat sessions start as free then may evolve into premium mode to allow explicit conversations.