i love this song its about love This song is obviously about someone who loves someone else so much. However, near the end of the song they do say, "Pull my strings just for a thrill" so the other person might just be playing with the narrator.But either way, it's one of my fave love songs I believe this song can be about many types of love, whether it be a romantic relationship or a relationship of another nature.The main theme through out the song is total devotion, so it does appear more natural for people to think of romance when they hear it.singer is belting out notes about how he'll never turn away from someone.

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he will do anything and be anything just to see her smile.

when the lyrics say "When i see your smile, tears run down my face" it means he/she is so rejoiced in seeing her smile that he/she will just drop down in tears, they will do anything to make her happy, no matter what it may result for them. i love her soo muchi've got this best friend of mine who..every time i hear this song, i think of.

another close friend of mine is trying to get him to ask me out, and we all know he likes me, i've asked him and he said yeah. he's so stupid lol (: but i love 'im lol (:this song reminds me of my ex spencer and he sang this song to me and i was really in love with and now everytime listen to this song it make me think of him and i have a new boyfriend but wen liseten to this makes me think of spencer and and i sitll like and i juat wish he didnt break up with me but its okayy..

"I will never let you fall, I'll stand up with you forever.

I'll be there for you through it all, even if saving you sends me to heaven." Thus, he's her guardian angel.

Enterprise High School was destroyed by this tornado, and it was rebuilt and opened up two years ago.My brothers knew people who were in that school when the tornado hit.I doubt you all know this, but this The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus dedicated this song to the 8 teenagers who were killed by an E4 tornado in Enterprise, Alabama on March 1, 2007.A boy saved his girlfriend by throwing his body over hers.He was killed by the tornado, and she's alive today.He did it because he loved her and wanted for her to live.