"I really don't think it was possible to be too crazy to be on 'Flavor of Love,'" Howington said.Pollard, 32, was the runner-up for Flav's heart twice, but got to do the picking herself after that. Proctor High School graduate was briefly engaged to "I Love New York" season 1 winner Patrick "Tango" Hunter and to season 2 winner George "Tailor Made" Weisberger, but never walked down the aisle.

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If you wondered how Tiffany Pollard ever became famous, you never watched "Flavor of Love." For the uninitiated, the brains behind the VH1 series have a little insight. native was best known as "New York," but made fans with her self-appointed nickname "H. And then with other women who were her competition, she was absolutely vicious." The pair explained the casting process, insisting that all the women were really into the clock-wearing personality (at least until they were eliminated), and that no types of females were off limits.

Pollard was a breakout star on Flavor Flav's "celebreality" dating show, catching the eye of the Public Enemy rapper during its first two seasons. While New York was easily its biggest star, the series included other memorable characters with nicknames like Nibblz, Toasteee, Deelishis and Hottie.

C." (Head B---- In Charge) and landed her own spinoff TV shows on VH1 like "I Love New York" and "New York Goes to Work." "Flavor of Love" co-creator Mark Cronin and casting associate Douglas Howington tell Vulture in a new interview that they had nothing to do with Pollard's popularity. "You could see why Flavor would really fall for her.

"I thought she was a great marketer of her talent -- of her quote-unquote talent. She was just a walking time bomb of awesomeness for reality TV." "She was a reality-television genius," Cronin added.

According to a source, the 34-year-old tragically lost her baby four months into pregnancy.

The insider revealed: “She was understandably heartbroken when it happened.“It was a really tough time for her but she is a strong woman and she faced it with amazing courage.”The source added to The Mirror that although Tiffany shared what had happened with producers prior to entering the famous house, she has not yet told her fellow housemates.I'm the energy behind the scenes." In January, Pollard updated her fans on Twitter: "RELAX my Loves,u WILL SEE ME!The show is taking longer than we thought :-)" So brace yourself, Central New York -- and the rest of the world.The "walking time bomb of awesomeness" is coming back to television soon.It has been reported that American reality star Tiffany Pollard sadly suffered a miscarriage just weeks before she entered the Celebrity Big Brother house last Tuesday.