But as soona s her first film released in 2009 she built a huge fanbase of her own.Zarine Khan do no have a many films to her credit yet she was able to impress the audience with her dance and cute face.Personally i think She is more beautiful than Katrina Kaif (Or Any Other Actress PERIOD). Zarine Khan was born in a Mumbai based muslim family on 14th May 1987. Zarine Khan has a tall height as compared to other bollywood actress.

The duo even have frequent arguments on this, but Salman does not pay much heed to the Romanian beauty's complaints, according to a report in Spotboye. As reported, Iulia wanted the video to be attached to another video that had other celebrities wishing Salman which was shown on a big screen that night.

The report also added that Iulia personally expressed her annoyance at Daisy, which led to an argument between the two.

Zarine Khan was introduced to bollywood as a look alike actress of Katrina Kaif.

Salman Khan might be unmarried, but has been involved in various relationships in the past.

Maybe he is still looking for true love or maybe he likes it that way.

Whatever be the reason, let�s have a look at the various girls in Salman�s life.

Sangeeta Bijlani Sangeeta Bijlani was probably Salman Khan’s first girlfriend.

We’re saying probably as he might have had girlfriends in school and college also.

Sangeeta was crowned Miss India in 1980 and it’s believed that they were in a serious relationship but some reason they split.