Marrie, the author, is a mom but her writing touches on the universal issues and truths that everyone interested in dating, relationships, or sex can relate to.

Long-distance relationships, breakups, getting played, and living alone are just some of the topics she covers with her own brand of self-deprecating humor that makes her blog so endearing.

As you read, you get the sense that she is allowing her readers to come along as she figures out her life and relationships. Also, if it weren’t for Katie’s blog, we wouldn’t know of the existence of Boobstagram, which is exactly what it sounds like. Sex and the Ivy may sound like the college version of a certain infamous HBO show, but in reality, the blog is the chronicle of Harvard student Lena Chen and her sexual escapades, depression, and life as a student at the most hallowed of Ivy League institutions.

The blog's current state is quite different than its original incarnation.

Honey and Lance seems to be on hiatus, but the site is a goldmine of interesting reads.

Honey's posts are about her long-term relationship and Lance's posts about living the single life run the gamut from how soon you should have sex after meeting someone to online dating.

The two viewpoints make the blog universally appealing whether you're single or committed.Dirty in Public is the ultimate blog for the unapologetic women of the world.There are no flowery stories about finding love or tips for how to hook Mr. There are titles like “Things in his house that make me glad” (absentee roommates) and critiques of dating shows.There are also gifs- lots and lots of hilarious gifs. It is a blog about dating and sex, but it’s also a blog about reinvention, rebirth, and life in general. His stories chronicle his road to rebirth as a loving and lovable person after heartbreak and near-death.He hasn’t written in a while- presumably because he is busy running his lifestyle company Jack From Brooklyn, which produces an exotic liquor called Sorel- but he is a prolific writer who can be found all over the web.If you follow Katie Khan’s blog, Awkward Situations for Girls, you probably feel like she’s your kooky best friend.